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Forex Whitelabel

Starting a forex broker has become easier than ever with Finovace. With our effective Whitelabel solution you get more exposure in less money. Unlike most forex whitelabels our solution comes with a pre-included CRM and Traders room without any extra charges. Choose a trading platform where multiple assests are available in one place. You can modify the asset list by offering local stocks well-known in your target region.

Whitelabel Forex Trading Platform
Whitelabel Forex Brokerage

Forex Brokers Outsourcing & OTC Outsourcing

Finovace provides explicit outsourcing for forex brokers and OTC brokers. Our agents are efficient to handle any trading platform and any chat platform you are using. Get your business a boast and improved Customer Satisfaction by focusing on core competencies while we manage your operations with our brilliant team.

Finovace Outsourcing for Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports has become a new genre for trading enthusiasts. While a lot of start-up opportunity is seen in this market most companies lack having a proper back office and customer support. Having a good customer support ensures that your users enjoy a seamless and consistent experience during every contest. While your in-house team is occupied in their core tasks, our operations team is here to work carefully behind the scenes.

We provide an end to end outsourcing solution for fantasy sports companies. We believe when it comes to customer experience, support is not the only area of focus other operations can also be outsource for better management.

Fantasy Sports Whitelabel
Outsourcing for Fantasy Sports

Customer Support for Fantasy Sports

Technical Support for Fantasy Sports

Content Management for Fantasy Sports

Player Management for Fantasy Sports

Social Media Management for Fantasy Sports

SEO Management for Fantasy Sports

Online Gambling Outsourcing

Covid has given gamblers a new way to pursue their gambling passion. While online casinos have an inherent advantage over their players, there are several benefits. More users are registering on these sites because of the ease of sitting at home while enjoying the game. Some other benefits which attract customers are transparency, the ability to find better odds than at physical casinos, the ability to gamble on your mobile phone, the ability to win real money online.

Include our effective support outsourcing to level up you gambling business.

  • Customer Care for Casino

  • Technical Support for Casino

  • Onboarding and Verification

  • Content Moderation for Casino

  • Platform Demonstration

  • Data Management

Online Gambling Outsourcing
Gambling Outsourcing Solutions
Micro Banking Outsourcing Provider

Micro Banking Outsourcing

Our Micro Banking outsourcing provides broad range financial and reporting services. Outsourced core banking systems could increase the efficiency and capacity of microfinance institutions Micro banks have to comply with certain regulations to assure authenticate service. Majority experiences suggest that outsourcing could be a successful operational strategy for financial institutions.

Finovace provides 24/7 support Outsourcing for Micro banks to ensure their customers can get swift and on-time solution without worrying about the boundation of work hours.

 Accounts Receivable Outsource

Accounts Receivable Outsource

Accounts Payable Outsource

Accounts Payable Outsource

Customer Support Outsource

Customer Support Outsource

Back Office Support Outsource

Back Office Support Outsource

KYC and AML Outsource

KYC and AML Outsource

Insurance Outsourcing With Finovace

Before Covid-19, people were not much serious about insurance. However in this unprecedented time, the rapid increase in customer demand for insurance has positively impacted the insurance sector. This will require the proper customer support and use of ultra-tech solutions. Finovace team invites you take benefits from our support department and latest technologies of Insurance expertise.

Insurance Outsourcing
Insurance Business Process Outsourcing

Customer Support

Reasons for insurance company failures

Outdated technology Infrastrastructure.

Increased cost
of operations

Less customer

Lack of flexibility
to Technology advancement.

Half-baked business intelligence.

Other Key feature of Insurance Support Service with Finovace

Maximized Client Retention

Maximized Client Retention

Premium Follow Up

Premium Follow Up

Claim Management

Claim Management

Policy Record Maintenance

Policy Record Maintenance

Regular Feedback From The Existing Clients

Regular Feedback From The Existing Clients

Policy Administration

Policy Administration

Healthcare Outsourcing

Outsourcing for Healthcare

Customers in healthcare industry are primarily dependant on the quality of care in addition with daily interactions between staff-clinic and staff-customer. This requires a proper and perfect picture of customer service providers in the minds of HealthCare business professional. When it comes to healthcare , one can imagine and implement Finovace as the suitable and précised choice.

Issue with Healthcare industry in today’s world

  1. Improper and delayed customer response
  2. Less customer retention
  3. Use of modern technologies
  4. Less Adaptation of latest technologies
  5. Unmanaged co-ordinations (B2C or C2B)
  6. Rising healthcare costs
  7. No updates on Healthcare Regulatory changes

Follow these best healthcare support ticks for customer retention

  • Empathy and Care

  • Accuracy and Effeciency

  • Understanding and Professionalism

  • Complete trust and policy

Outsourcing  Healthcare Services

Our mission is to provide the best healthcare support service.
This is how we achieve it.

Digital Transformation for end to end customer support

Diagnosis Report Communication

Reduced operational cost

Proper and empathetic response

Alerts for Medical technologies

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Finovace Group, launched in 2018 offers one stop services for all Fintech, BPM, KPO and Outsourcing Services. With the skilled team and right KPI & SPO, we offer one of the best services and support for the businesses to grow with us.

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